Studio A (paris)


Control Room: Mac Pro new generation , Yamaha HS8 monitors, Universal Audio Appolo 6 Sound Card, Avid media Artist, UAD Micro Amplifier, UAD plugs ins, Komplete Control Keyboard, Microkorg Keyboard/...

Recording Room: Acoustic Soundproof Booth 10m², U87 Neumann Microphone, Tlm 103 Neumann Microphone, Neuman Km184 Microphones, Yamaha Upright Piano , Fender Guitar, Marshall Amplifier/...


Studio B (ENGLAND,LOndon)


Control Room: Mac Pro, 5.1, Yamaha HS8’s, Universal Audio Appolo 6, Qcon Pro X, fca 1616 PreSonus sub, senheiser radio pack, audio Library, SM8,

M audio Keyboard controller,

NTG2A NTG 4 mic’s, AKG 414, SM58, Korg M1, Elements synth, full Izotope pack, Basehead, Logic, pro tools, Boom Library

Marshal Amp, and an assortment of goodies/...




Control Room: PC (GTX 1070, i7 7700, 16GB Ram), 5.1 Focal Shape 40, Universal Audio Apollo 6, Qcon Pro, Altiverb, Basehead, Boom Library Enforcer, Izotope Rx 7suite, Waves suite, UAD

Artnovion acoustic 5.1 mixing set



Control Room : Mac Pro, 5.1, Yamaha HS8’s, Firepower fca 1616, PreSonus sub, M audio Keyboard controller, AKG 414

Altiverb, Basehead, Boom Library Enforcer, Izotope suite, Waves suite,

Artnovion acoustic 5.1 mixing set



Depending on budget we finalise 7.1 and atmos mix for our clients in our collegues studios in Paris.

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Zoom F8n, Zoom F4, Mkh50, Mkh416, Ntg4, Km 184, Orca Bags, Radio Mics Senheiser, Boom pole, Rycotte Supershield/...